Mobile Menus and Submenus Customization

dipanjan94dipanjan94 Registered Users Posts: 83 Big grins

I got two questions about mobile menu customization.

  1. For the menu items which has sub-menus, it gets expanded when someone taps on the '+' sign at the far right. After that, if someone taps on another menu item with one or multiple submenus, then the it gets expanded as well, and the previous expansion stays the same. Is there anyway that if someone clicks on the second, the first one will automatically hide?

  2. For menu items with sub-menus (Consider the "Recognition" menu item in my website ), if you click anywhere on the horizontal bar, it gets expanded. After that, you will have to click on the particular word written in sub-menus for the subsequent pages to open (In my case, "Awards" and "In the press"). Is there a way to extend this link area horizontally so that if anyone taps horizontally right of the sub menu items, the links would still open?

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