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I realize that this is an unusual idea (based on research), but I need to add a date and time stamp to photos that I take for an inspection client. I use a point and shoot camera which will date stamp, but won't time stamp. Using an SLR is impractical due to the need to access confined spaces and climb ladders. Is there a way to use an action or script to read the EXIF and apply a stamp? I was thinking of Image Processor, bkut I can't find any information on how to read the EXIF, ie variable names or command strings etc.


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    Faststone Image Viewer, free for Windows machines (although you may donate if you wish and I did donate for my copy), can automate this process for you:


    FastStone - How to Date and Timestamp Photos in Batch

    Robert Buckel

    This is a video to show where to get FastStone, how to download it and more importantly, how to add Date and Time Stamps to your photos quickly and easily in large batches.

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    Many years ago, several film cameras did date and time stamps of emulstions by lighting them from the back - I had an Olymous OM-1 that had a removable back that used LEDs to emit text dates and times onto the back of films in the camera. I can find a new one currently on eBay for $40.

    Today in an enclosed space like an air duct, I might just shoot my digital image and then immediately follow it by a second image of my digital watch displaying the current time and the date. Unless you need an time accurate to the second.

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