Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT stuck in M 14mm (even when WP is pushed back in)

ElyEly Registered Users Posts: 71 Big grins

Not sure if I am missing something or if the flash is broken, but I can't get my 600EX-RT back into Auto Zoom mode or edit the Manual Zoom.
It's currently set to 'Manual 14mm' in standard 90 degrees position or I get a WP warning if I bounce it or press the bounce button (even if the wide panel is pushed back)
I tried to press the Zoom button but nothing happens. No flashing of the zoom parameter. and the Zoom button seems to work for other functions.
If I go into the Flash Function settings, it won't let me enter the Zoom WP function, and the same happens in the Flash C.Fn settings.
I tried to clear all the settings, pull the wide panel out and back in multiple times but nothing happens.
I also tried to long press the zoom button then set master funny 'Z' shape to 'off' , but no difference
Is the flash broken or is there any way to reset it I am missing?Any help/idea greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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