Hamburger not present in Lightbox when image has a caption?

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When an image does NOT have a Caption, the Title below the image has a hamburger menu icon, which brings up Photo Details.

However, when an image DOES have a Caption, the Title&Caption below the image does NOT have a hamburger menu icon.

Is this expected behavior? I haven't noticed it before, but it may have been an oversight on my part. What's the rationale for this? I would think consistency would be better, so viewers know that they can click on the icon to get to Photo Details whether or not there is a Caption showing.



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    It was one of the choices SmugMug made when they restored the title/caption lines to the bottom of the photos in the lightbox. At the time, last August, @leftquark argued that icon, title, and caption all together would be too distracting. I personally agree that consistency and the cue that icon provides would have been a better call. links to the relevant post.

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    Somehow I missed that. I think this is a good example of form over function. Yes, I can see how it might be more visually distracting to have 3 elements, but, consistency of the user experience is valuable, too, especially for those users who don't interact with SM very often.

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    At the time, we made a similar argument with the design team (consistency), but they felt that it was better to drop the consistency in favor of a better user experience. With new designers, maybe that decision will be changed. :shrug:

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