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Hi there,

I am a photographer from Malaysia and I have just set up a Smugmug site. I am still busy populating my site with selected photos imported from my flickr site.

My pet subject is architectural heritage photography although I am also into landscape and street shooting.

Would appreciate it if you could take a look at my spanking new smugmug site at

I would be grateful if you don't mind sharing your opinions or comment on my new site.

Thank you.



  • mathogremathogre Mathemagician Oakton, VA USARegistered Users Posts: 44 Big grins

    Hi Zain!

    Welcome to SmugMug and Digital Grin! I hope you enjoy it here!

    I too recently set up a SmugMug site, though it was a transfer from a different hosting company. Although I have Flickr, SmugMug under my domain name is where I keep the bulk of my work.

    I love your photography! Some of your photos are extraordinary. When I looked around your new SmugMug site, I saw that others think so too, given your awards and publications.

    What would I suggest for your site? There are two things that come to mind, and these are minor.

    One is that the two text blocks on your front page appear to be associated with the photos directly beneath them (screen shot attached). It's really more about the text block for "Fine Art Prints For Sale" on the right. I think the width of the two text blocks is fine, as very wide text blocks are more difficult to read. You might put one above the other. The other is that you might just create an "About the photographer" page separate from the front page. Show people your photos first. If and when they like your photos (and it's really more about when!), they'll look to see something about your background.

    Welcome, enjoy, and keep up the good work!


  • ZainfotoZainfoto Zain Photos MalaysiaRegistered Users Posts: 19 Big grins
    Thanks Graham for your favourable comment on my photography and thank you for the suggestions to improve the site.
    Appreciate your dropping by at my site.
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