Logo is too small. CSS to resize it?

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The site is: jasinspiredart.smugmug.com.

How can I make the logo larger for the entire site? I'm building this site for an artist. She wants a font that isn't available on SmugMug. I've created two versions of the logo: one with just the yellow logo part ("JAS inspired art") and one including both the yellow logo and the blue part which I'll call the tagline ("Julie A. Sanderson, Artist").

When I use the version with the logo and the tagline, it's too small as shown here:

If I use the logo without the tagline, the logo is adequate in size, but then I have to use text for the tagline. But SmugMug doesn't offer the font she wants to use which is Harlow Solid Italic because it's not a Google font. So, I've used the closest thing I can find on SmugMug which is Pacifico. She really wants to use Harlow.

Here's how it looks with the logo size correct but the wrong font for the tagline:

How can I resize the all-graphic logo with the Harlow font so that it is readable?



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    photocitizenphotocitizen Registered Users Posts: 5 Big grins

    Never mind. I figured it out. The solution was to upload a much larger version of the graphic and, then, use the "Resize width" setting to shrink it to the desired size. That setting is found in Customize / Content and Design / Entire Site / Logo / Image.

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