Auto upload iOS app - 3 photos refuse to get uploaded

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Hi, I don’t know if this is a bug, but sure it’s bugging me ;-) I’ve started to use auto upload from my iPad and it works fine except for being a bit slow. But for some reason when the process is finished there are always 3 photos left. They never get uploaded. I guess it’s the same three photos every time. Perhaps the files are corrupted or something, but I don’t know as the file names are not showing. This is not a big problem. I’m just curious to know if anyone else has this minor problem. Stay safe out there //Eva


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    There could be a few reasons why a photo wouldn't upload: your internet could have gone out for a bit when those photos were uploading, the files were corrupted, or are in a format that couldn't be uploaded to SM.

    The app will take a first pass at uploading, then go back through your photo library on the device to see if it missed anything. If you leave the SmugMug app running with the iPad unlocked and the app in the foreground, uploading will go much faster. If you lock your iPad or switch to another app, it puts the auto-upload in the background, which slows things down considerably. It could be that the app is doing a second pass and will get them uploaded, but it just needs more time to run before it gets back to it.

    I know the team is eager to do a better job indicating which photos couldn't be uploaded but that's planned as a future iteration. The team would have to comment on when they plan on adding that (I've left SmugMug and am responding as a former employee who had some insight but don't know the current plans).

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    Thanks a lot for this useful comment. I guess the three photos are corrupted as they won’t upload even if I leave my iPad running Smugmug auto upload in the foreground over night.
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