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outlandwildoutlandwild Registered Users Posts: 6 Big grins
I thought of using my own signature as a watermark on my photos. Sounded awesome! But then I realized that anyone interested in identity theft now has my actual signature! Lol. Has anyone else realized this?

Other options would be to use a computer text font, or pay $30-$40 for a calligraphy company to do a custom signature (just saw an ad on IG for photologo.co). Or I guess have a talented friend write it?

As much as I want my own signature on my photos, this thought is daunting me right now...

Would love your thoughts!



  • gptwinsgptwins Registered Users Posts: 17 Big grins

    I started using a font from the operating system that closely, but not exactly, matches my own signature. I add that into the JPG images. I found this was a nice trade off and I did not need to spend any money on it. Most operating systems have a long list of fonts to choose from. I suggest starting there. Some can get quite artistic. If you find nothing that suits your tastes, then look online for add-in fonts. You could probably get something pretty cheap.

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