Availability of photo frames from Loxley Colour in UK.

yabeautyyabeauty Registered Users Posts: 3 Big grins
I've been in touch via Heroes a couple of times with regards to the very limited range of frames that we're offered by Loxley. They've advised me to contact this forum.
Although the range of print finishes is fine, we are currently only offered 3 frame types - 2 versions for Desk Art and only 1 for Wall Art! Can this be extended to at least 6 frames options plus Foam Board. As one of the largest Print labs in the UK, they offer a comprehensive range of services and finishes - each one offers a new sales opportunity - so everyone gains.

Jim Duffy


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    yabeautyyabeauty Registered Users Posts: 3 Big grins
    Is there any chance of a response to this issue?? Loxley just knock the issue back to SmugMug with the net result that the SmugMug support/offer is seen as sadly lacking your competition.
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    JenuineJenuine Registered Users Posts: 155 SmugMug Employee

    All of the new greeting card options are currently offered through EZ Prints, Bay Photo, or WHCC if you're outside of the USA and want to sell cards you have to set your pricelist to one of those labs. We're not looking at building an integration with another editor and associated print service right now. It's a complicated process, unfortunately. We are considering ways to offer our current card integration to ship internationally and be included with all pricelists, though.

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    While we offer many beautiful products from our four print labs, we do not offer the exact same product range as they do, via SmugMug. We do appreciate your feedback and collect all requests here: feedback.smugmug.com . Please add your comment/request there about adding more frame options from Loxley.

    Thanks in advance!

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    yabeautyyabeauty Registered Users Posts: 3 Big grins
    Very disappointing!!! The whole reason for using SmugMug is to provide a ONE STOP SHOPPING, I didn't expect to have to be forced to search around for an alternative supplier for a basic, half decent range of frames.
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