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patkokpatkok Registered Users Posts: 54 Big grins

Hi everyone,

May I ask can I create payment at my website for pay to me via smugmug, Attached is the photo I'm looking for that payment service.

I'd hope to hear from someone who can assist me on this.

Thank you!



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    PhyxiusPhyxius Registered Users Posts: 1,396 Major grins


    The SmugMug shopping cart only supports orders of photo prints, gifts, and downloads via the labs we work with (EZPrints, Bay Photo, WHCC, and Loxley Colour.)

    We do not support the use of a third party shopping cart however, currently external cart options that do not use javascript or iframes may work. For example here is tutorial to add a PayPal cart to the site: https://www.sherlockphotography.org/Customisations/SmugMug-for-Chrome/PayPal

    If I misunderstood please reply back here with some additional information regarding the exact use you need. We are standing by!

    Christina Dale
    SmugMug Support Specialist - www.help.smugmug.com

    Equine Photography in Maryland - Dressage, Eventing, Hunters, Jumpers
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