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This has probably been answered somewhere before...
I am trying to find if there is a way to force a new line in the captions field that overlaps the image. If I insert a new line in the details editor in the lightbox or using the Lightroom caption interface it shows up fine in the lightbox itself. But for the caption on the image itself nothing happens... the text just continues on in the same line.



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    You might see if the captions field responds to the non-breaking space character (&nbsp). I've used those to force desirable line break positions in gallery titles on a folder display page, but I've not tried it with captions on top of the image (which I don't use). In a quick test, captions below an image do seem to respect the non-breaking spaces even though they ignore line feeds. To be sure, using non-breaking spaces to force the line break position you want is mighty indirect and a pain to do.

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    I use this in a caption to push long captions off the screen so only see the first few words show in lightbox.
    I use a number of space characters as needed. Then in CSS I hide the class in the gallery caption and lightbox info caption.

    <br><span class="showLBtitle"> &nbsp; ... &nbsp; </span>


    Other then that I've found no way add any line breaks.

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