Practical way to create a bunch of similar smart galleries

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Is there any fast way to script the creation of smart galleries, at least a practical way?

I am doing a temporary project to organize old photos, and I want to provide a bunch of different views. My intent was to upload the images to one hidden gallery, then provide smart galleries like "unknown" and "Bob Smith" and "Joe Smith", and also ones by year starting in the early 1900's.

The goal is to get my relatives to review, identify people and dates, and update as I get info. By using smart galleries I can update in lightroom, publish, and magically all the new or corrected people or date tags rearrange the images.

But creating these in the organizer is an incredibly tedious process. Especially since smart gallery setup seems buggy, takes you to a separate screen, then later gives a 404 error.

Are there any tools? I recall a backup tool once (from Sherlock) but it doesn't have a restore function; my first thought was to backup, edit the resulting file, and restore -- nope.

Anything like that, any tools floating around?

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