Google wants to translate from Norwegain to English (but it is English)

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I'm doing a family history page and it is filled with names (with links to photos).

With the exception of a very few phrases ("The descendants of" and similar) there are no words except names. But lots of names.

Google insists on trying to translate from Norwegian to English.

Normally when this happens I can locate the offending section by translating back and forth and see what changes, but nothing in the new page is changing except a bit of spacing and punctuation (it's adding periods after "Jr" for example, though if I add them manually it still wants to translate). None of the names are changing.

Oddly, a heading at the page top (that is on EVERY folder page and does not translate then) is the word "Travel" changing to "Busy" and the word "Home" changing to "home". But I don't see how that menu can be the cause since it's throughout my website.

I've read lots of postings of ways to fix it with various meta tags, none have any impact.

I'm wondering if it's reacting to some widgets or text hidden?

Has anyone else run into this and do you have advice?

note this is NOT about the SM translate widget. I am not trying to do anything in a language other than English.

Thanks for any advice.


PS. No, I do not think I should post the link as there are a lot of names, marriages, children, etc. from relatives. If someone at SM wants to see it no problem, just ask.


  • Chasing DaylightChasing Daylight SmugMug Hero Registered Users Posts: 45 Big grins

    Please send our Support Heroes an email at [email protected] We'll need to take a look at the page to understand a bit more and see how we can help. In your email please include a link to the page.

    SmugMug Support Hero
  • FergusonFerguson Major grins Fort Myers, FloridaRegistered Users Posts: 1,326 Major grins

    Arggghhh... I'm not sure if I should be happy or annoyed. It is no longer doing it. I've been making minor changes primarily in link addresses and it just... stopped. I did not notice exactly when.

    if it comes back I'll stop changing and send off to support. Thanks.

  • FergusonFerguson Major grins Fort Myers, FloridaRegistered Users Posts: 1,326 Major grins

    It's doing it again, will write to the help desk.

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    Could it be that your link somehow includes a submenu shortened to /no/ or /nb/ or /nn/ (Norwegian/Norwegian-bokmål/Norwegian-Nynorsk), so that google falsely assumes that the page needs translation because it looks like it is in a subfolder for Norwegian pages?
    Just an idea :)

    Plan b would be to tell Google to not translate Norwegian / not translate that page, but then of course that would only be on your computer so not a permanent fix.

    Good luck fixing it.

    Lille Ulven - The Photos of my travels - The Stories of my travels
  • FergusonFerguson Major grins Fort Myers, FloridaRegistered Users Posts: 1,326 Major grins

    The page is just for my relatives all of who are in the US , so I'd be delighted to turn off the translate, but none of the tools I found online for that work (and most had people saying they didn't work). Google apparently doesn't trust anything you put in meta fields.

    There's one site-wide menu; I cannot say it is not the culprit but the problem is only occurring on one page (more specifically it's a folder customized with quite a lot of HTML).

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