IOS App bug, location is visable even when Map features are turned off

EdwinMEdwinM Registered Users Posts: 2 Beginner grinner

I wanted to inform you about a bug in the IOS App.

When i upload my photos to Smugmug the location info is in the pictures exif data. I have setup my SmugMug site so that the location information is not displayed.
This works perfect and visitors do not see the map and coordinates when they are browsing my photos on the website.
But when a visitor uses the Smugmug App on an iphone / ipad the location information is visable and the visitor can see all the locations of my photos.
The Android app is fine and there the location is hidden.

For me this is not a thing i want. I take pictures on places that are hidden. I do workshops and quide participants throught these locations.
So i do not want these locations to be public.

This bug has been submitted to the 'Heroes' almost a year ago and i have asked for updated a couple of times but no improvement.

It seems like this is a small fix in the App, but it has no priority.

Hope more people will come aware of this issue and submit this bug so it will become a priority.



  • AllenAllen Registered Users Posts: 9,999 Major grins

    I looked and found that the map tab shows but is blank when clicked. Also in the exif I don't see the lat and long.

    Al - Just a volunteer here having fun
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  • Chasing DaylightChasing Daylight Registered Users Posts: 65 Big grins

    Please send an email to [email protected] from the email address on your account and we can follow up on the experience. If you send the email today, please put attn: Kelly in the subject, and I'll be happy to check on the status of the issue. In the email include a link to one of the photos where you're experiencing this behavior.

    Kelly | SmugMug Support Specialist
  • AllenAllen Registered Users Posts: 9,999 Major grins
    edited June 3, 2020

    I turned on "map" and saw the map on the app. Turned it back off and saw the map tab and blank map.
    Also GPS disappeared from exif.

    EDIT: a gallery checked even though map is off in settings keeps showing the map in only the app.
    I rebooted iPhone and it stills shows map on.

    Al - Just a volunteer here having fun
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  • EdwinMEdwinM Registered Users Posts: 2 Beginner grinner
    Thanks for testing with met Allen and for your suggestion Kelly.

    It was a week ago when i last tested the issue.
    When i visit the gallery of a friend of mine i saw the location of his photos even when he has the map feature off (and i believe the coordinates were also visable )
    When i test it today i only get a black screen when i click on the map tab. So it looks like there has been an update.
    I will continue to test this issue the next few days. Lets hope this was fixed last week.

    When i browse my own images in the iPhone app i do see the location for images in galleries where the map feature is off.
    But that is fine by me because i am logged in into that account.
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