Automatic Video upload from iPhone app

WarrickFWarrickF Registered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
I would like to have the iphone app Automatically upload video, much the same as it does with photos.


  • leftquarkleftquark Registered Users, Retired Mod Posts: 3,784 Many Grins

    I'm no longer an employee at SmugMug but while I was helping develop the auto-upload capability, we chose to only auto-upload photos due to the file size and processing power needed to upload a video. Since videos are often huge (gibabytes, versus a few megabytes for photos), uploading a video could cause huge delays in getting your photos uploaded. It's was the plan to come back and do something to get videos uploaded without impacting photo uploads but I don't have insight any more if this is still prioritized. Let the Heroes / Product team know about your desire -- i know they'd love to hear it.

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  • VincentMVincentM Registered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner

    I'll recently switch from Android to iOS and was disappointed to see that the auto upload of video does not work on iPhone !
    @leftquark if the feature is available for Android App it's not an issue with size or processing power, right ?
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