how do I upload videos from Lightroom?

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I think I may have actually succeeded once or twice several years ago, but recently I do need to do what the smugmug folks say is possible, namely upload mp4 of MOV files along with whatever photos I've chosen to upload.

Every time, without exception, regardless of where the file came from, all the video files fail, always with "No suitable video export preset found."

where do I find the preset that's apparently missing?

This occurs with mp4 files from a dslr, mov files from iphone, and some other standard formats. Once or twice I've discovered that doing the manual route on the smugmug uload page works with the exact same file.

Brandon Smith
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    You might try changing the output format. Look at the Lightroom Plugin Manager for the SmugMug Plugin. To do that, over on the Lightroom left sidebar, right click the SmugMug header under Publish Services, then choose Edit Settings. Under Video, try some other video format. I know SmugMug has at times recommended H.264, but if that or some other choice is failing, I'd like to hope "Original, unedited file" would work no matter what.

    What operating system and version of Lightroom are you using? What video format are you using for export in the plugin settings now?

    Jim Ringland . . . . .
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