Smart Galleries with Partial Keyword Match

chrishilgendorfchrishilgendorf Registered Users Posts: 4 Big grins
Is there a way to create a smart gallery rule that looks for a partial keyword? I have a gallery of family photos that have been tagged with peoples names in Lightroom. Those LR keywords appear nicely as keywords in the SmugMug version after export. From there, I have created a Smart Gallery that I want to filter on the last name only, but the issue is that the people keywords on each photo include first names along with the last names, and I can't figure out a way to filter photos by just the last name. I've looked for a while and I'm surprised I can't at least find someone else with this same question.


  • pilotdavepilotdave Registered Users Posts: 785 Major grins

    What I would do is either split up those name keywords into separate keywords for first and last name, or add the last name as an additional keyword. You could do this in lightroom fairly easily, depending how many names you have to change. Another way to do it would be with Sherlock's chrome extension for smugmug: which lets you bulk edit keywords. To do that, I would create a smart gallery for a name keyword (you can just keep on editing the smart rules, so no need for more than one smart gallery), then use the extension to either change the name keyword to separate first and last names into separate keywords or add the last name as an additional keyword. But aside from a site search for the last name (as opposed to a keyword search), there probably isn't a way to do it without changing or adding keywords.


  • chrishilgendorfchrishilgendorf Registered Users Posts: 4 Big grins

    @pilotdave Thanks Dave. I think I'll just have to resort to adding the separate last names in Lightroom. It's a pain because many pictures have several people from the various families I'm building smart galleries for, but I'll just have to go through my list of last names for each gallery.

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