Landscape Collage click to Lightbox - Default captions on/expanded?

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Im working on a photo project and cannot figure out how to get one thing set the way I need it. I feel like this is an easy switch to flip, i just don't know where it is! I do see recent posts that might indicate that this is a Javascript command that can't be edited. Yet, I'll ask anyway. Sorry if that's not cool 8-(

The project has a lot of colorful tiles of photos, which is exactly the look i'm going for. So a landscape collage is the "visual" I want when people open the gallery.

However, each photo has a bio/story attached to it. When people click the tile, i get the "big" phot, which is what I'm looking for. HOWEVER, the default setting/view has the caption abbreviated and you have to click the little hamburger to make it visible. Once it's visible, on my Mac and my phone, it's laid out exactly like i want it.

Is there a way to make this gallery have the captions on by default? I need to remove that extra click to expand the caption. I've found a few linked to the OLD lightbox, from 2013, but can't find a "force captions on" customization.


PS This was a project that I stumbled into as i was using old photos and new PhotoShop techniques. It took on a life of it's own and became a bigger effort. I'm trying to launch it ASAP, but this glitch has me hung up. Can't wait to share!


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