How to export list of all photos (filenames, titles, descriptions, etc.)

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I used the SmugMug windows desktop uploader to upload approximately 3,400 photos (in various folders and subfolders). For the most part, it worked great - automatically creating the appropriate structure on the smugmug site. However, only about 3,100 pictures actually uploaded. I could see errors in the desktop uploader, but they were not very specific: just said something like "An error occurred" and I couldn't find a way to view error details. So I'm trying to troubleshoot this and have a few questions:

1. Is there a way to view error details in the windows smugmug desktop uploader (is there a log file somewhere)?
2. Is there a way to export from smugmug a list of all files that are in my site?

To complicate matters: I think the problem may be related to the unusually long paths/filenames on the collection of photos I uploaded. I contacted smugmug support and they said the character limit was 32 characters for a filename. However, I know that's not true because many of those that did upload were well over that. But that doesn't mean I didn't hit some other, higher, limit. Anyone happen to know more information about those limitations?

But regardless of the character limits, what I'm hoping to do is export a master list from SmugMug of everything that's out there, reconcile it with everything on my local machine and see where the gaps are. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


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    Glad to hear the Windows uploader was able to be helpful to you in getting your images from your computer to SmugMug. Regarding the errors, reach out to the Support Heroes, [email protected], they may be able to see the error messages and advise what may have been the issue with those images. There is not a current means of exporting a master list of all the files that are on the site. It is something that you could request as a feature request on our Feature Request page:

    That is where our Product Managers look to see what things are important to our site owners and helps in setting direction for the future products.

    The character limit for a filename is indeed 32, but there could be other outliers causing the failure, special characters, spaces, file type, file size or resolution etc can all cause a failure to upload. Without looking at the error messages we can only venture guesses.

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    I repeat from above and have the same question:
    2. Is there a way to export from smugmug a list of all files that are in my site? Can you answer THIS?

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