Keywords Saved? - Sometimes Yea, Sometimes Nay

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I can't figure out what's going on with keywords when they are added manually from my SM site in the Organizer. My process is as follows...

I upload the images using the Organizer's 'Upload Photos' option to an 'All Images' gallery. I subsequently add Title/Caption/Keywords from within the Organizer. Per the screen cap attached, it's clear the Title & Caption are being saved. Looking at this example, one would be inclined to think there are no associated keywords attached to it. 'BUT'...

I use the 'All Images' gallery as a sort of 'base' or 'home' collection point, and then use keyword based Smart Galleries to break them down into separate galleries per the smart rules. If I view any image in this 'all images' gallery, every last one of them would appear to have no keywords assigned. Yet every last one of them appears in the desired Smart gallery. So, it's clear the keywords are being saved....somewhere. But why are they not displayed.(??)

The problem I've encountered this am is that I uploaded 3 images simultaneously using the above process. The one in the attached screen cap appears in its Smart gallery. The other 2 have yet to appear. I've refreshed my browser, deleted all browser history related to the site, and I've even deleted the 2 'no shows' from the Organizer and re-uploaded them and subsequently re-entered the meta info. And thus far, those 2 images simply will not appear in the desired Smart Gallery.

If there's something I'm doing wrong when entering keywords manually via the Organizer, I'll be darned if I know what it is.

And though only marginally related, I have other 'all image' galleries that are subsequently broken into Smart Galleries as well. Those I've historically uploaded images to the 'all image gallery via the SM/Lightroom plug-In. And SM seems to have no trouble at all picking up and displaying the keywords I assign in Lightroom prior to the upload.

Any thoughts what may be occurring?


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    Generally speaking, keywords may take some time to index, so it simply may be a matter of not waiting long enough ;) If that's not the case - it's a bit difficult for us to define what the exact problem may be by only looking at that screenshot...if the problem persists, would you mind sending us an email with links to the referred image(s) and gallery or galleries? You can contact us via , just please make sure to use the account email address.

    We'll be happy to look into this and advise further.

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    I'm used to keywords taking some time to index. But in the past 'some' time typically was a couple minutes. The 2 problem images yesterday did eventually appear in their designated Smart gallery, but took a couple hours to do so.

    What is perplexing, and adds to the confusion, is the fact that keywords entered via the Organizer never are displayed....for this gallery. It begs the question whether they've actually been saved.

    I.e., if I select an image from a gallery while in the Organizer, go to 'wrench' icon on toolbar, select the 'Title/Caption/Keywords' option and enter data for all 3 properties, the Title and Caption are clearly saved and displayed immediately upon doing so. But the keywords are never displayed despite being added at the same time as the other properties. I've been adding images to this gallery several times/week for almost a couple months now, and if I go in the Organizer and again select the wrench icon and the same 'Title/Caption/Keywords' option, there isn't a single image in the gallery that would appear to have keywords associated.

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    Thank you for the clarification. We would still need a link to the referred gallery/images, so we could have a look...we find it difficult to investigate a certain behaviour without being able to look at a specific example :)

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    edited June 30, 2020

    One example...
    (Link Deleted)

    The above is a smart gallery based on keywords. The following is the unlisted 'parent' gallery from where I add the Title/Caption/Keywords...
    (Link Deleted)

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    This is likely connected to the hide owner setting, which makes the gallery appear as a generic SmugMug gallery with no links back to your site and no keyword display. That might have an effect on the display of keywords while editing. If you could try temporarily disabling hide owner to see if that helps?

    Note that this is a public forum where you posted the link to your unlisted gallery and the link may be visited by anyone viewing the forum and also be indexed by search engines. If you don't want that, I would suggest editing your previous post to remove the link again. For situations where you'd like assistance with anything related to unlisted or password protected galleries, it may be best to reach out to our HelpDesk instead of posting here.

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    @rainforest1155 said:
    This is likely connected to the hide owner setting, ...

    Bingo. That was it. Thanks a bunch!

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