Smugmug with BLOGGER - photos disappear

BjornMoermanBjornMoerman Registered Users Posts: 4 Big grins
I've had a Smugmug site for a more than 10y; there is a simple blog linked to it using "Blogger":
My site:

I used to be able to to embed an image in a blogpost copying the HTML code from my Smugmug site. Lately (probably since upgrading to a newer Blogger interface) this doesn't work anymore. Not sure why?

Alternatively, I've been able to embed a photo only link from my Smugmug site by copying the Photo URL. The image on my blog however all of sudden disappears after a few hours with a Error 403 "Your client does not have permission to get URL".
Not sure if the problem is my Smugmug or blogger site.

Anybody a resolution for the above?



  • Lille UlvenLille Ulven Registered Users Posts: 567 Major grins

    Hi Bjorn,
    This it just an idea, I have long ago switched from blogger to Wordpress, but let's see if this helps:
    which of the photo-links are you using? The photo link from the link section starting with or the one from the embed section (which you only see after you have selected a photo size and only if you are logged in to your smugmug site) starting with If the first, this could be the cause, you can link to a page on your website with this one but you cannot bring the image itself over. This might have worked for a couple of hours on your computer simply because you either were logged in to both sites or the login cookies were still active.

    Hope this helps.

    Lille Ulven - The Photos of my travels
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