Wrong lens listed in image info

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I have some images which were shot with the tamron 35-150 f/2.8-4, and Lightroom shows this information correctly. But once the image is published and I view the image info on the smugmug side, the lens info says “Sigma 24-70 f/2.8” (which I have never even used).

Again, the metadata on the Lightroom side shows the correct lens. Either that’s getting altered at the time of publication, or something on the Smugmug side is interpreting it wrong.

Any ideas?


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    I don't speak for SmugMug, but IIRC, they use a utility called exiftool to extract metadata, and sometime it gets things wrong. I'm not sure there's much you can do about it. If SM extracts the data on the fly, then fixing the utility would correct the problem, but I don't know whether that's how it works. If you post a link (text is fine) to the pic, I can tell you what my copy of exiftool is reporting.

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    Richard is correct that we use exiftool to handle metadata extraction. If the extracted info is not correct, we could report this to the exiftool developer if you could send us a link to the photo on your site via our HelpDesk along with details on the equipment used (camera, any lens adapter / converter) and also let us know if you would be okay with us to send the photo on to the exiftool developer to help them identify and resolve the incorrect metadata.

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    I just joined Digital Grin and searched for problems with exif info for lenses showing incorrectly. This appears to be the most recent thread. I too am having the same issue . Although Lightroom Classic is showing the correct lens info, when uploaded to Smugmug the information either shows the wrong lens - showing the wrong Sigma lens or show that the lens is ‘either a Canon or a Sigma lens’. I see the last message was June 20, it’s now Sept 21. Any change to the status?
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