How do I make a copy of an image instead of collecting it?

RobRRobR Beginner grinnerRegistered Users Posts: 25 Big grins

I have been uploading my photos into a "New Photos" gallery and collecting them into the galleries they belong in. That way, my viewers can look at the New Photos gallery instead of visiting each of my other galleries to see what might have been added. I figured that every now and then, I'd just delete the New Photos gallery and create a new one. But I just found that i I collect an image into a new gallery and then delete the original gallery, the photos in the deleted gallery are also deleted from the gallery it is collected into.

I understand that that is how things are supposed to work, but I'd like to copy instead of collect. I saw that back in 2014, it was possible to do that. But I don't see it any more. Is there still a way to make a copy of a photo inside SmugMug, or do I have to upload it twice?


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