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I've had a Smugmug site for a more than 10y; there is a simple blog linked to it using "Blogger":
My site:

I used to be able to to embed an image in a blogpost copying the HTML code from my Smugmug site. Lately (probably since upgrading to a newer Blogger interface) this doesn't work anymore. Not sure why?

Alternatively, I've been able to embed a photo only link from my Smugmug site by copying the Photo URL. The image on my blog however all of sudden disappears after a few hours with a Error 403 "Your client does not have permission to get URL".
Not sure if the problem is my Smugmug or blogger site.

Anybody a resolution for the above?



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    The new blogger interface doesn't seem to have the ability to embed HTML. You will need to go back to the legacy blogger interface to continue to do that. According to the banner on blogger you will continue to have access to the legacy interface.

    In late June, the new Blogger interface will become the default for all users. The legacy interface will still be optionally available. We recommend trying the new interface by clicking “Try the New Blogger” in the left-hand navigation. Please file any critical issues encountered.

    Alternatively you can upload your photo to blogger.

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