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Hi, Im super upset. Ive been applying watermarks to photos in my gallery. when a client wants to purchase the image, I've been going into 'organize' and removing the watermark from the purchased image only. I just noticed that when a watermarked photo is downloaded, the watermark does not appear on the downloaded image! why is this happening?


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    If you get the link from "share" logged in then view it, you can save it with the watermark.
    This is for all sizes but the original.

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    It sounds like you may have enabled the "download buttons" setting in the gallery settings > photo protection section. That would allow any visitor to a gallery to download the full size original photo for any of the photos in the gallery. Originals are never watermarked as they're used for all image operations (including removing / changing the watermark) and of course to allow you as the owner to download back your original at any time (unless you made changes to the original, like cropping or color effects).

    If you wish for a client to be able to download just specific photos, you could move those into a different gallery and only in that gallery enable the "download buttons" setting.

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