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I am trying to display a SmugMug gallery on two vertically mounted 85" Samsung TV's. I would like to create a "slideshow" that includes stills and video. Ideally, I would like to be able to put separate images on each screen, but also have one image cover both screens. The TV's have Apple TV units if that helps.

I must admit that I thought of the concept before thinking about how to do it. I looked up Mac Apps on the web and cannot find anything. I would like to create a gallery on SmugMug that plays on these TV's, so I guess I need some sort of slideshow app that will couple with the TV's and my Smugmug gallery.

Any help and guidance are greatly appreciated.


Chill Travelers

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    You can run a slideshow via the SmugMug appleTV app. Download from the app store, navigate to your gallery and hit the play key to start the slideshow.

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    Thanks, I have been playing with the app. Very parochial for what I am trying to do. I cannot bridge screens.

    Looks like I will have to convert the images to video using the effects in Final Cut or Adobe Premiere. Looks like my only solution for now.


    Chill Travelers

    Nikon D's, Sony A7r, HDR & KORG M3
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