Cool sport bike photoshop

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Doing some cool sport bike themed photoshop collages.


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    Expert editing skills. Nice pictures. Now with that out of the way, I'm a sportbike fan and these are street bikes but some of the graphics inspire more of a dirt feel to me. Personally I'm not a fan of black and whites with a single selected color. IMO that's a parlor trick you learn in high school and then grow out of. I think you missed an opportunity to incorporate the yellow/white/black theme of the R6. The young man's forehead is too cut-off in #1. All IMO of course.


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    I'll pass on the details of motorcycles vs. the dirt look, as Jack covered that above, and he knows way more that I do on that subject. I will also agree on his selective color comments. I will 100% totally agree on your merits of editing skills, as you have that going in spades. The overall look is magazine ad quality.

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    JTP22JTP22 Registered Users Posts: 50 Big grins

    Thank you, appreciate the feedback!

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