Incognito Mode, Ad Blockers, Custom Domains; trouble with comments and downloads

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This is partially an informational post and partly a question/discussion post.

I've recently purchased a vanity domain and added it to my smugmug. The domain ends in .photography. Shortly after that I shared an unlisted folder with password protected gallery and downloads, and the model couldn't get the download password to work. I then tried the same, by first opening an incognito window to test the url. I was able to get into the URL but could not add comments unless I used a smugmug account (the facebook and google links never showed up, just an animation of a bunch of squares). Also, the download link would not work, it kept saying the password wasn't the one I gave the gallery.

So after some troubleshooting myself, I discovered the following:
1) Incognito mode in Chrome 83 defaults to blocking 3rd party cookies. Allowing them for the my shared URL allowed the facebook and google login icons to show up for logging in to add a comment
2) Incognito mode causes some kind of problem for accepting a download password: the domain to enter the password is on and not my custom domain. This causes a problem for incognito mode, but works in a normal tab or, more importantly, chrome running a different profile.
3) If I have the user change the URL from to my custom domain, they are able to successfully enter the download password and get a download link
4) I suspect adblock is also causing an issue as it's not turned on in the new chrome profile I created

So the discussion part:
a) Is there a way that smugmug can add some helpful tips on the comment page and the password page for these fairly common situations a guest/customer/model/etc. might run into? This would keep my own support efforts down for a fairly expensive hosting site that should work seamlessly for my guests.
b) Has anyone else run into these issues and do you have a different/better solution?
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