I am trying to create a photo blog on smugmug.

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I am trying to create a blog on smugmug. I would like to h ave pictures interspersed with text I would lie each picture to encompass the majority of the horizontal width of the page.
I might have 20 pictures in a blog. I am techniical so I could do some stuff, but I don't know where to start.

I have tried, pointers to a pdf, but that did not give me the advantage of smugmug photo an video handling
I have trued using the blog pointing to a gallery but that didn 't give me the ability to insert text between each photo
I tried inserting blciks of photo + text, but there seems to be a max on the number of blocks I can stack.

Anyway, If there is some direction I can proceed to get what Need, I would be grateful.
below is a sample of the blog, where the larger blank spots would have a photo.

Thanks for your help.

We have fallen in love with Mississippi. It has such character and the people are something special. We could spend an entire month here an be happy, but alas, that was not the plan.

Our first stop was Natchez. I have has a fascination for Natchez as It is always mentioned in the history books and conversation, but I knew nothing about it. I had heard about it with regard to riverboat activities. The first place we went with Natchez under the hill, the riverboat front area. Known for gambling, pirates and trade. Most of it washed away.

High Above Natchez under the is the town of Natchez. Cotton was king here. 40000 bales of cotton a year were shipped out of Natchez They say that in 1840, there were 29 millionaires in America and 19 of them were in Natchez. We toured the Rosalie house, Lynn put in an offer, but Daughters of the Revolution (DAR) refused.

This house was erected on the site of an old french fort that was burned down during a give and take between the Natchez indans and the French. The indians wiped out the fort occupants and piled their heads in a pile. Then the french came and wiped out the entire tribe.

This house was used by the union as a head quarters. Grant liked Natchez and placed a burn ban on the town and no property was destroyed.

Our next stop was Vicksburg. Another rich city (Cotton) During the 'War of Northern Aggression' Lincoln determined that the key to controlling the Mississippi commerce route was Vicksburg. There was battle here that ended with a seige that finally caused the confederates to capitulate.

There were 100,000 soldiers involved in the campaign. 70,000 union and 30,000 confederates. The tour taking us through the battle field is 16 miles long.


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