Image zoom does not work correctly on mobile devices

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Hi there, I raised this issue with Leftquark last November and he said it would be looked at, however it's unresolved and I know he's since left SmugMug.
The issue is that when a user zooms in on an image using a mobile device (I'm using an iphone), the image briefly disappears and then reappears. This only started happening when you upgraded the lightbox and doesn't happen on other image sites (including Flickr) - I've done a brief screen video to try and show the issue - Hoping this can be resolved as it's a very annoying user experience. Thanks ;-)


  • elmanielmani Big grins Registered Users Posts: 88 Big grins

    I received an update on this via one of the Heroes. Their engineers have looked in to this and confirmed it's an issue, but sounds like it's challenging to fix and they can't provide an ETA :-( Hoping this gets resolved soon as being able to zoom on mobile without glitching seems pretty basic to me and no other photo site or service appears to have this issue..

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