Despise Selecting pic in Photo Organizer

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I imagine this has come up before, but as an old codger I'm just frustrated enough to bring it up again. Has anyone but me mistakenly rearranged multiple photos in the photo organizer thinking they were just moving one photo? Every windows based software I have ever used requires the user to use the Ctrl or Shift keys to select more than one object. When you simply click on one file, you are selecting ONLY that file - even if you have previously selected multiple files. But, not the SmugMug photo organizer. Can someone explain the advantage of it being different than the rest of the world? And, correct me if I'm wrong but there is no "UNDO" button. (Tried CtrlZ to no avail)

Phew! I feel better just typing it in. :-)

Thanks in advance for your replies - even if they tell me I just need to pay closer attention to what I'm doing.


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    AceCo55AceCo55 Registered Users Posts: 950 Major grins

    I agree with you - it stands out in all the software I use as an inconsistency.

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    Hello @rpwoodjr and @AceCo55, Thank you for your thoughtful concern. I have let our Product Team know of your concern. They are looking into the desired UI/UX of the function and will take your concern into consideration as they review.

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