Bronica Zenza Zenzanon-PE 75mm at F8 and Closest Focus

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This is my first tryout with the lens on my A7r3. It was also my first experience of having to use the stop-down aperture lever during exposure.

Apart from the first, these images have had no significant cropping

The were shot as RAW images and converted to TIFFs in Sony Edit (using Output, not Save).

These files are so big that portrait format ones (full size TIFFs) are stored, as thumbnail views, turned through 90 degrees. This is no problem when viewing on my PC as they revert to portrait orientation but Stereo Photo maker software can't do that (unless there is a setting unknown to me) so they have to be re-sized.

The other observation in this, and earlier sessions with TIFFs from Sony RAW images, is that they need less sharpening than my ORF-originating ones to avoid artifacts.

The stereos are crosseye.

Some are not of ideal composition because I was avoiding background highlights.


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