Video - Reliable mobile internet solution for DSLR live broadcasting a wedding?

EskuvoEskuvo Registered Users Posts: 42 Big grins

I am going to shoot a wedding. There will be activities where there will be no wifi.

Question: how can i provide myself reliable high speed wifi for broadcasting the wedding via youtube?

I usually use OBS installed on my laptop and feed video from my Canon camera into my laptop. I feed sound through wireless microphone into the laptop. OBS does the rest.

I would like to use a DSLR or mirrorless mounted on the top of a monopod or tripod. I would like to move it around as people move around.

Any advice? How should I do it?

Thanks so much!


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    EskuvoEskuvo Registered Users Posts: 42 Big grins

    I tried to do this last weekend. The signal didn't support upstream at all. I had one of the fastest data plan in the USA. It may work for some but didn't work for me. WiFi signal was able to support live stream but not the phone data plan.

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