IOS App Not Opening

updeinvaupdeinva Registered Users Posts: 28 Big grins

On an iPad Pro the SmugMug app will not open. The SmugMug icon appears for maybe 20 seconds and then crashes. From the comments on the App Store it looks like other people are also experiencing this. I am assuming the newest update has something to do with it.



  • DutchphotoDutchphoto Registered Users Posts: 13 Big grins

    Same here...

  • BeaBea Registered Users Posts: 112 Major grins

    Thanks for your comments - we are sorry about this! If you uninstall/re-install the app it should fix the problem. You'll need to make preferred content offline again, though.

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  • pixelgandapixelganda Registered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
    same problem on an older version of iOS 11 but reinstall fixed. thanks!
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