Apply Custom CSS To Only One Gallery Block?

ArmadilloArmadillo Registered Users Posts: 31 Big grins

On my home page I have 2 gallery blocks. The first one is for a single gallery with a long panorama for its gallery image. The other gallery block has all my other galleries displayed smaller beneath the first one. I have the gallery blocks set up to show the gallery name on an overlay.
I use this custom CSS to make the overlay only cover part of the galleries image.
.sm-page-home .sm-tile-info {width: 50% !important; border-top-right-radius: 1.5em;}
I want to adjust the first galleries overlay separately. I've looked through the page code and tried various CSS ID's trying to target only that gallery, but it doesn't seem to allow using CSS ID's in custom CSS.
Is that possible, and if so what am I missing?


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