Results of Mini Challenge #304: Relfections

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As I expected, this was a difficult round to judge with so many great images!

@Cavalier - the image that I really like of yours is the sepia image A Three-fer. I'm sure the color version is just a beautiful!
@pegelli - images #1 and #3 stand out on your entries. #3 has a complex reaction to which directions the reflections are going, which make for an interesting image. #1 image "London window shopping" really makes it look like your holding the mask in the window. This image holds my interest much more with people walking across the street as well as the stuff in the window!
@grandmaR - I think I've seen that pink house before in my lifetime, but cannot remember where or when. I really like your film image of "My Reflection" #2. The graininess of the image makes it even more eerie. Not sure if that was what you were going for
@sarasphotos - love the #1 "Selfie" garden looking glass. The colors and bright reflection of the sun all surrounded by a beautiful bokeh, kudos on a perfect shot. I also loved your #3 "Artistic Gravestone". Very interesting to the eyes.
@DavidRGillespie - your #1 stood out the most to me. It feels as if the kayak is heading into a portal to another world. Very surreal.
@dlscott56 - beautiful truck and car reflections, but your #3 ANP is the best of the bunch! Hard to beat natures best reflections!
@moose135 - out of the 3 you entered, I like the the #1 hubcap the best, with the repeated pattern and the extremely well kept hubcap polish! I wish my car had that shiny of hubcaps!
@lkbart - kudos on all 3 images! Not sure that I have a favorite because I like all 3, however, #2 is so stunning in color!
@sapphire73 - again, I like all of yours, but I must say that the black and white treatment of #2 is gorgeous!

Without further ado;
Honorable mentions in order of appearance in the challenge:

A Three-fer - Oaks, Pines and a lone boat on Sugar Pine Reservoir.

Chilliwack blueways

Bartlett Arboretum

Third place goes to @pegelli
London shopping window

Second place goes to @sarasphotos
Selfie at the Botanic Gardens

First place goes to @sapphire73
Maroon Bells in Colorado

It's up to you Gretchen! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


  • pegellipegelli Major grins BelgiumRegistered Users Posts: 7,290 Major grins

    Thanks for the mini and all the comments Joyce, you can learn a lot from what people say about your images (and what they say about images of others). Also thanks for third place.

    And congrats to @sarasphotos for another "fun" reflection and @sapphire73 for winning this mini with an image that makes we want to buy a plane ticket to go there right away ;)

    Pieter, aka pegelli
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  • sapphire73sapphire73 Major grins PennsylvaniaRegistered Users Posts: 1,757 Major grins

    Thank you for the fun mini that gave us a so many fun and beautiful images of reflections! And thank you for the first place honor - definitely a surprise! Congratulations to @sarasphotos and @pegelli! I loved both of those photos.

    I have something in mind and I will put it up later today or early tomorrow.

  • grandmaRgrandmaR Major grins Southern Maryland Registered Users Posts: 1,824 Major grins

    Thank you for running the mini and your kind comments. Congratulations to sapphire for her winning photo. The pink house is on Bogue Sound on the ICW in North Carolina.. As for my reflection - I don't usually have any particular interpretation in mind when I take a photo. Especially film pictures - it could be weeks before I see how they turned out. The graininess is because it was underexposed (I think- I'm not very technical)

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  • DavidRGillespieDavidRGillespie Chilliwack, British Columbia, CanadaRegistered Users Posts: 757 Many Grins

    Thanks for the fun mini, comments and HM. Congratulations to @sapphire73 , @sarasphotos and @pegelli for first, second and third. Great images all! .
    Looking forward to the next mini

  • sarasphotossarasphotos Major grins Augsburg, GermanyRegistered Users Posts: 3,180 Major grins
    edited September 10, 2020

    Congratulations Gretchen @sapphire73 for a well deserved win, to Pieter @pegelli and thanks for the 2nd place. Joyce @JAG thank you for the interesting idea and good comments.

  • lkbartlkbart Wandering in left field~ Derby, KansasRegistered Users Posts: 1,906 Major grins

    Great mini Joyce! & great commenting & choices for winners! Congrats to Gretchen for the win, & to Sara & Pieter for the runners up - all great shots! And thanks for the HM!

    A photograph is an artistic expression of life, captured one moment at a time . . .
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