Major problem for me: Smugmug images appear nowhere in Google searches

ColinMPhotColinMPhot Registered Users Posts: 2 Beginner grinner
I have posted about this previously, but the problem has not improved, and I am seriously considering quitting smugmug. This is something I definately don't want to do. There's a lot I like about smugmug and I've put a lot of work in to my site here, but it is - at the moment it is work and money completely wasted. I am careful and meticulous with my descriptions, my gallery descriptions and my keywording. Yet my smugmug images appear nowhere on google searches. I also use several stock libraries and my own wordpress site. Searching for fairly unique images of mine that are on my smugmug site and other stock image sites, they come up in the first line of google images - for the other stock library - and nowhere - not even 6 or 7 pages in - for my smugmug site. similarly for my free wordpress site. My images come up 1, 2 and 3 in the google search using appropriate keywords - and absolutely nowhere with smugmug. As far as google is concerned smugmug does not seem to exist. So at the moment smugmug works as an vault where my photographs can be buried never to be seen by the public. I asked support about this and received a response saying this was outside smugmug's control. I have to say that's an extraordinarily poor response (normally support is very good). Smugmug is an online gallery for images to be seen. If it is not simply poor at that, but very bad at it then what is the point of using it? Now if I'm missing something here please feel free to correct or advise me. :)


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