Integrating Smugmug with a Static site created with Hugo


I am setting up a new version of my site.
This time I am doing away with WordPress and creating a static website with Hugo.
This will make the site super fast, entirely secure, and cost very little money (yay). (I will be using Netlify).

I have my site pretty well made but I need to add galleries fo my photographs.
On WordPress I used a couple of plug-ins and then again I would swamp them out.
Very easy with the blog in and gorgeous galleries with it.

Now I wish to use SmugMug (where I have been a customer for a long time to handle all the gallery
stuff (as it is already doing) within my static site.

How can I embed lets say 3- 5 different galleries, on separate static Html pages?

Presumably, there is some Javascript snippet i need to add?

Can I make it so that clicking on an image does not take you to Smugmug?

Given the blazing speed o the static site so far, I hope the SmugMug CDN is able to keep up :)
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