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I joined SmugMug in Feb 2008, but have recently returned after being away for a few years.

I'm having issues with access to a gallery I created to share with a family member. I tested by sending to one of my other email accounts and accepted the invitation only to find that it was requesting I create an account before gaining access, which seems counter to the very reason invitations are sent out.

Then, in an effort to bypass this glitch, I set the gallery for public access, but am running into the same restrictions regardless of browser.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.



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    Don’t you intend to only allow access to the gallery by the specific people you choose? How else would the gallery be restricted if they don’t have a way to prove they are the person you gave access to. They’ll create a free guest account so they can prove they’re the person you gave access to. And it has the added benefit of keeping track of all the galleries that have been shared with them so they don’t have to hunt for the link in the future.

    Galleries can be publicly visible but only accessible by people you choose. Anyone can see the gallery but they can’t see the photos unless they prove who they are. Make sure to turn off “people I choose” if you want to stop restricting it to certain people.

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    @leftquark (I have a pseudonym I've had for many years, "upquark") - I understand all that, of course. Tracking can and is done on many other sites without a viewer having to create an account. Requiring someone to create an account with SmugMug is a capture process, and inaccurately bloats the number of actual users on the site. Ex: I invite ten people to view a gallery, they're required to create an account in order to do so, SmugMug gains ten new "users" when in fact they may never return to the site for any reason at all. In every other venue, I'm able to send links to viewers, which is more than adequate for security and accounting purposes, and they are able to use that link to access my gallery.

    As for the public versus private gallery, I was attempting to be able to view my own gallery as a viewer to see if those bloody buy buttons were removed after adding css code to do just that site-wide. The only way I could accomplish this, even after making the gallery public, was to create yet another account to get an outside view of the site. Illogical and, again, bloats the numbers.

    But thank you anyway for your attempt.

    (Edited because, apparently, this b/t keyboard doesn't like it when I type 145wpm.)

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