Marketing Mock-ups? graphics of Bay Photo products offered

amys_wavesandwondersamys_wavesandwonders Registered Users Posts: 19 Big grins
I'm a total noob to selling prints. Up until the pandemic I was a professional face and body painting artist who took photos for fun.
Anyway, I'm building my website and setting it up to sell prints of my landscape/ nature photos.I will be offering portraiture, but my main focus at this moment is the fine art.
I would like to have a product description/ FAQ page. The shopping cart does walk people through nicely, however I was thinking it may be smart to have a page with more visual guidance to look at so they have an idea of what to order before they enter the cart. I'm wondering if anyone knows if Bay Photo ( or if SM has access to) some templates or graphics that can be used. What I'm looking for exactly are paper/surface type comparisons, mount types, up close corner photos of the canvas prints and blocks (like what Bay Photo has on their site) I realize I may have to just take my own photos and make my own graphics, but I thought I would check if there is such a resource before I go that route.

I have a 2nd question along the same lines... Do some artists limit the type of prints they offer so that it isn't so overwhelming? I guess I'm asking because I'm feeling overwhelmed myself! HAHA!


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