Running HDMI from DSLR to projector - how to?

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How do you run HDMI from DSLR to projector?
I would like to project a wedding ceremony to a projector so guests can see it on a large 10 x 9 screen.
How should I run the signal? Hollyland 300?
Cable seems to be out of the question because I need to move the camera.
What transmitter should I use which I can attach to the camera?


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    What HDMI specifications can your dSLR produce that you wish to transmit?
    Does the projector also accept HDMI inputs?
    Do you need to condition or scale the video feed from the the dSLR and/or to the projector?

    Yes, Hollyland appears to be a competent manufacturer. Certainly contact them and start a dialog discussion after you know the answers to the above questions, and expect that they will need answers to much more. (Arm yourself with the full specifications for both your dSLR outputs and the projector inputs.)

    Give Hollyland all of your contact information so that they easily contact you. Describe your exact needs in as much detail as possible for your first contact with them, that way they know how to route your request.


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    EskuvoEskuvo Registered Users Posts: 42 Big grins

    I ended up buying a wireless transmitter. It was more complicated than I thought....

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