Leaving SmugMug...Inability to advertise to site.

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I've asked, for a year now, for the ability to use standard digital advertising techniques, remarketing tags, etc. Without the ability to capture traffic on my site, serve them ads, etc. I've found myself losing business on my SmugMug site, only to have business increase on my services and portfolio site where I am able to deploy these techniques. The lack of communication is what bugged me the most.


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    Truly a shame that the SmugMug team refuses to comment on this, and boggles my mind why they think it is an appropriate omission from a platform that offers otherwise excellent ecommerce/print shop integration features. Being able to to offer the ability to purchase prints is only a fraction of the story, and relying solely on "Custom HTML" to place remarketing tags is at best cumbersome and at worse does a large disservice to to their professional level customers.

    Some reasons why the ability to place custom JS and/or providing a customer-facing GTM integration would earn SmugMug more Pro-level customers:
    - Relying on URL-based remarketing/lookalike audience building platform-side (social, programmatic, SEM, etc); This requires a JS-based pixel to fire in most cases, which is currently not possible.
    - Allowing the placement of funnel-based conversion/event pixels; this allows your users to identify whether the traffic they're driving to their SmugMug site from paid sources is actually resulting in conversions/sales.
    - Engagement-based optimizations for supported digital marketing platforms; some platforms allow for optimization based on site engagement or "Time on Site". This is not possible without a JS-based pixel in most cases.
    - Status Quo: Many SmugMug competitors and/or CMS platforms already allow this. SmugMug is not only lagging behind, but by refusing to acknowledge this REPEATED request from their customers are casting doubt about whether signing up or continuing to renew is a worthwhile investment.

    SmugMug developers, please, please, please, please consider the needs of your Professional Level customers who need this to run a fully featured Portfolio and Print Store when leveraging paid media for the purpose of earning money with their photography. This isn't a new request. Your customers are asking for it. Your competitors have it. Please make it happen.
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    They did support the FB Pixel, until FB got naughty ... and GDPR ... and CCPA. Retargeting is pretty much dead, especially in the next Safari update.

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    @leftquark said:
    They did support the FB Pixel, until FB got naughty ... and GDPR ... and CCPA. Retargeting is pretty much dead, especially in the next Safari update.

    For reference, I'm a SVP of Technology @ a very large digital advertising firm. Retargeting is absolutely not dead, it's actually growing. Neither GDPR (which only matters in EU), or CCPA, govern this tactic. CCPA specifically details the transfer or sale of consumer information. Neither of which occur with industry standard practices. Again, the problem here is SmugMug's absolute lack of response. I shoot for CBS, MaxPreps, as well as house my own galleries here. I should be able to deploy an industry standard advertising strategy to drive sales. This benefits both SmugMug, it's vendors, as well as myself. It's, quite literally, a no-brainer.

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