Out of this World!

Morph30Morph30 Registered Users Posts: 2 Beginner grinner
The natural world never ceases to amaze and interest me, if this Puss Moth caterpillar had turned up as a monster on some Sci-fi film you'd would think the director had gone too far!


  • CavalierCavalier Registered Users Posts: 2,990 Major grins
    edited October 17, 2020

    Love the image - colors and the pose. Also love his wittle feets :smiley:

    You might want to edit your post so that the URL icon to have the link show up as a link, or better yet use the 'Attach Image' icon to insert it in the post. Use the Share option on your site picture to copy the it for insertion into Dgrin.

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    Not got the option to "attach image", apparently I have to await that particular pleasure until admin have decided I'm not a robot! Doesn't matter that I'm a mal-adjusted, alcoholic, psychopath just so long as I'm not a robot.
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