Print, Matte, Frame, and Ship Online Options?

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I have an image which I would like to gift to my dad for the holidays. I'm looking for a nice place to have it printed, matted, framed, and shipped. I want this to all be online because it's quarantime, and he lives on the other side of the country. I realize there is some risk here, but I don't need it to be ultra-perfect, just a nice present. The image itself is a landscape of the Grand Tetons, standard 1.5 ratio (6 x 4). Frame size should be 36" x 24", or maybe one tick downwards... I'm imagining a thin, black wood frame with about 3/4-1" matte.

Any recommendations would be appreciated! I've looked at a few options, but hoping someone has some personal experience. I've done my share of prints, but have never done framing online.





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    Just a thought, but what about a nice metal print from Bay Photo instead? They come ready to hang, and there's more picture for any given size because there's no frame. I'm pretty sure it would be a most cost effective solution as well as framing ain't cheap. There are also acrylic prints, a bit more expensive but more robust.

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    Thanks, @kdog! I don't think a metal print will fit with their decor, but it looks like Bay Photo has some nice framing options, too. I really like the dark gray matte. Appreciate the suggestion!!

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