Sony a7Siii - Low Light Production

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We've all heard the tales before...'Yo man, the new Sony camera is a low light monster!' In fact, that phrase -low light monster- has become one I loathe, right up there with 'game changer'. Over-used by yupsters everywhere.

Of course, after reading specs & pre-release reviews on this camera, I definitely ordered a pair of them (A/B cams), and last night was able to test out their low light capability. I must say, I'm impressed!

A and B cams were both a7Siii bodies, set to S-I mode (all frames, or all-intra), 4k/30, ISO 6400, f/4, 4:2:2 10-bit in-camera recording. No color profiles, no color work in post...just a simple tiny lift of shadows & mids (I'm talking fewer than 10pts of adjustment in FCPX...so really, barely any)

C am is the Sony ZV-1. I chose to use this as a 3rd perspective, violating the 180* view rule, but at the request of the performer, because she wanted some 'stage-looking-out' shots for her own portfolio. I bought the little ZV-1 for my wife (the performer) a few weeks ago, and wanted to test it in low light as well. Had to use a small amount of NR & sharpening in post, but for the most part, I'm impressed with it!

I definitely used lighting to set the scene, so there is that to consider. I've included a BTS shot so you can see the setup.

About the actual video content: This is my wife, Beth, performing her number for an upcoming Halloween aerialist burlesque show. We used to do these together and in the theater, but now things are still weird because of covid, so no theater acts with guests present. Plus, I'm a little out of conditioning for aerial work these past 3-4 months, but working on it.

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