Products and Descriptions confusing

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Hi all --

I was pricing out canvas prints for clients, and here is what I had available to me .

What is the difference between Traditional, Stretched and Flat Mounted? I tried looking up on SmugMug and dGrin, but it doesn't look like there is consistency in naming. I'm sure there is some difference between print labs. But is there a way when choosing products, there could be a link to the description of each?


  • OmahaMamaOmahaMama Big grins Omaha, NERegistered Users Posts: 27 Big grins

    I did figure out a workaround. I made a 'Sample' pricelist, and then applied to a gallery. From the gallery, I could pretend I was going to buy and see a better description of the product. I took some notes, then went back to the pricelist and modified as necessary. It worked. Just a round-about way.

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