Collage Portrait Gallery Style in Mobile Phones

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I detected a bug in a gallery that I made today for some friends. I set "Collage Portrait" in the appearance settings of the gallery and turned off "show camera info". I also turned on "Gallery cover image" and chose an image for it. Additionally, in the customization interface I modified the settings of "collage portrait" style in the gallery element so that "info style" is turned off and there is space of 12px os space between photos.

The settings above hide the download and buy buttons from all photos and provide the correct spacing between them, but only in my laptop. When I checked the gallery in my iPhone 7 and the phone of a friend (which is different from iPhone), we noticed that the buttons under the photos appeared in our mobile devices. In addition, we noticed there was a bigger bottom margin between photos (possibly because of the div for the buttons) and that the cover image that I set do not appear in our phones. If I change the gallery settings to "collage landscape" and I use the above mentioned for the "collage landscape" gallery style settings, everything works well in my laptop and in our phones. We only come across the issue when the "collage portrait" style is used.

What makes it even more odd, is that different buttons show in different browsers in our mobile phones.

I managed to use CSS to hide the dive containing the different buttons and fix the margin between photos but this is not the way things should be done. I could not make the cover image of the gallery to show up.


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