Our product cost on SmugMug. Am I missing something?

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Hi all.

I'm evaluating SmugMug as a solution to sell photos, and there's much to like about it. Integration with print on demand partners is a big deal, and I was really eager to see a product price list, and understand my products costs. 

I did yesterday and...I'm disappointed.

Could someone please take a look at this graphic?  https://bit.ly/34SzjWG. It compares costs for a few products 1) sourcing via SmugMug 2) sourcing direct from an integration partner, and 3) pricing I've paid buying from other companies.

If I'm missing something obvious, and this pricing isn't accurate, *please* someone set me straight. I'd love for this to be a viable solution.

But if it is accurate, I've a different question. How much of a premium are you willing to pay for the integration, post-sales customer support, and quality guarantees you get buying through SmugMug?

There's definitely a value here, but if it really means cutting my margins 50% or more-- not including the 15% commission-- I have a hard time seeing this work for me. 

Thanks in advance



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    I have found that for digital downloads and traditional photo prints, SmugMug really works well for me.
    The pricing on canvas, metal prints and anything like that is kind of astronomical in my opinion. I get very few sales on those type of products; to the point where I'm contemplating leaving those off my SmugMug product list and looking into sourcing them elsewhere.
    That being said, I cannot say enough good things about the fulfillment, customer service, and quality guarantees with SmugMug. Even just the post-sales customer support for my clients is priceless to me.

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