So i need a Pro account now just to have control over aspect ratios?

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Coming back to SmugMug after kind of neglecting it for a very long time. I am very particular about the aspect ratio of my images, and often make very extreme wide or tall images. When I originally setup my site, I could have sworn I had control over this on each individual gallery or photo with my current plan level, but now trying to re-familiarize myself, it looks like the only way to do this is using multiple price lists for each gallery or photo and the only way to do that is to upgrade to the Pro plane at nearly twice the cost? Just for that one feature?


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    jwvanderbeckjwvanderbeck Registered Users Posts: 15 Big grins

    Just realized my post came off as a bit aggressive, but that was not my intention.

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    Just found this old thread - bumping it because this is the #1 issue for me. I want the aspect ratios of the available prints to match the ratios of my photos. Multiple price lists is an expensive and very unwieldy solution.

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