RESULTS: Mini Challenge #308 Let it Snow!

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Thanks to everyone for playing! This wasn’t supposed to be as hard as snowy landscapes, but so many great shots. And so many different and unexpected photos, very awesome!

My notes:
@sarasphotos - You started this mini off wonderfully! Love the focus & detail in the each of your shots, as well as the composition - very artistic & outstanding set (and a great cold brew)!
@JAG - Gorgeous shots of snow at the Grand Canyon, nice bokeh in the snowy evergreen, & love the full on snow portrait!
@Cavalier - Cute snowy frogs, & love the snow flying around your sweet puppers!
@grandmaR - The one that really catches my eye is the last one - Snowed in bikes - it draws me in, well balanced, historic.
@DavidRGillespie - Really like your presentation - first a nice theme titled shot, then a great artistic shot of a cool old snow covered plow, and then this fantastic Hummingbird, sitting in the snow?!? Wow, so unexpected! I did look them up - & totally agree with your vote! Such beautiful detail in the feathers, great focus, and that touch of back light to make the feathers stand out, awesome!
@pegelli - Another wow and also unexpected - not necessarily my favorite subject, but great focus & detail on the Lofoton fish heads, and a gorgeous shot of the berries covered in snow.
@Lab_Tested - Love the puppers’ faces covered in snow - especially Molly, pretty eyes, and the backyard expedition duo is a hoot!
@sapphire73 - Gorgeous colors in the Witch Hazel - great back lighting; the icicles are so interesting - much easier to see in the close-up, have never seen that before! And love the elk!

Hms: @saphhire73 - Witch Hazel in winter; @Lab_Tested - Molly; @GrandmaR - Snowed in bikes; @Cavalier - Buddy & Ollie; @JAG - Snow Angel

Special HM/2nd runner up to @sarasphotos for the set: Roses at Bishop’s Garden, the bird on a branch and that amazing Winter fungi! (And a drink to boot!)

I think I chose the winners based on shock & awe:
Runner up: @pegelli - Drying fish heads on the Lofoten

Winner: @DavidRGillespie - Hummingbird in Snow

Congratulations David! Looking forward to your next challenge!

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